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Malta's National Responsible Authority
Funds and Programme Division
Triq il-Kukkanja,
Santa Venera, SVR 1411

2200 1114

2200 1141


Circulars 2015

     Circular 05/2015 : Closure of 2013 Annual Programmes "General Programme Solidarity and Management of Migration Flows" 
     Circular 04/2015: Ex-Post Evaluation in relation to projects co-financed by the General Programme "Solidarity and Management of Migration Flows '' 2007-2013
     Circular 03/2015: Guidelines in order to avoid Errors-External Borders Fund
     Circular 02/2015: Public Procurement Guidance for Practitioners on the Avoidance of Errors
     Circular 01​/2015: Anti-Fraud Measures

Circulars 2014

     Circular 08/2014: Good Practices to be followed by Beneficiaries to avoid Irregularities similar to the ones detected so far through checks and audits

     Circular 07/2014: SIS Reports available to Beneficiaries

    Circular 06/2014: Update to RA Circular 02/2012- Closure of 2012 Annual Programmes "General programme Solidarity and Management of Migration Flows"

         Final Project Report Template


     Circular 05/2014: Commitment in the Solid Information System (SIS) 2007-2013

           Annex 1                                                                                                                            

     Circular 04/2014: Consent Form

     Circular 03/2014: Issuing LPOs for Direct Payments (Public Entities) 

    Circular 02/2014: Closure of 2012 Annual Programmes " General Programme Solidarity and Management of Migration Flows"

     Circular MF201/92/B: Per Diem Allowance
     Circular 01/2014: Re: Procurement of Works, Services and Supplies by Voluntary Organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations and International Organisations, in the ambit of the Solid Funds  

            Annex 1- Manual for Evaluation Committees
            Annex 2- Guidelines for Financial Corrections

Circulars 2013

     Memo to Beneficiaries- 26th April 2013

     Circular 10/2013: Nil Irregularity Reports
     Circular 09/2013: Procurement by Voluntary Organisations
     Circular 08/2013: Update to RA Circular 2/13- Closure of the 2011 Annual Programme
     Circular 07/2013: Documents to be uploaded in the Solid Information System (SIS) 2007-2013- Revised  Version
     Circular ​07/2013: Documents to be uploaded in the Solid Information System (SIS) 2007-2013
     Circular 06/2013: Staff Costs and Timesheets
     Circular 05/2013: Proof of Payment
     Circular 04/2013​: Rules Regarding Usage and Retention of Equipment 
     Circular 03/2013: Rules Regarding Depreciation of Equipment
     Circular 02/2013: Re: Closure of Annual Programme 2011 General Programme Solidarity and Management of Migration Flows
     Circular 01/2013: Re: Claims for Payment- Article 6.11 of the Grant Agreement


Circulars 2012

     Circular 10/2012: Re: Visual Identity Guidelines 
     Circular 09/2012: Re: Update to RA Circular 02/2012
     Circular 07/2012: Re: Filing system for Project related Documentation
     MFEI Circular 05/2012​: Re: Travel on Official Duty
     Circular 03/2012: Re: Direct Payments to suppliers by Public Entities for the Solid Funds
     Circular 02/2012: Re: Closure of AP 2010
     Circular 0​1/2012​: Re: Request for Quotations