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Migration and Security Funds 2014-2020

Two Funds for Home Affairs: Asylum and Migration Fund / Internal Security Fund 2014 - 2020

For the years 2014-2020, the Commission has proposed two new funding Programmes namely the Asylum and Migration Fund and the Internal Security Fund.
    The Asylum and Migration Fund will focus on people flows and the integrated management of migration. It will support actions addressing all aspects of migration, including asylum, legal migration, integration and the return of irregularly staying non-EU nationals.
     The Internal Security Fund will support the implementation of the Internal Security Strategy and the EU approach to law enforcement cooperation, including the management of the union's external borders. It will also cover the development of new IT systems, such as the future entry/exit system and the Registered Traveller Programme.
More information could be obtained from the following link.

As we are approaching the end of this current programming period, discussions are in full force at EU level on the new Programming period to reach an agreement on the proposed draft regulations. One of the innovations built into these new Funds is that a national multi-annual programme is to be drawn up for the implementation of the Funds.  In view of the fact that the Funds will be multi-annual, a strategy will need to be put forward in the National Programmes to be presented, to cover the whole 7 year period in the fields of migration and internal security.  In addition we would also need to present to the Commission any actions which have been or are undertaken in relation to migrants, and how the new actions will be complimenting the present work undertaken. 
Consultation with NGOs
The Responsible Authority within the Funds and Programmes together with the Management Efficiency Unit is currently drafting the necessary operational programmes. In view of this all stakeholders are encouraged to send their feedback on by the 23rd September 2013.  Deadline extended to Wednesday 2nd October 2013.
A template to submit your feedback/proposed actions is available from here.
The presentations delivered during the consultation session are avilable from here: Presentation 1 & Presentation 2.

Public Consultation with NGO's Presentations- 9th September 2013


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