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Calls, Tenders and Other Information

Calls for Tenders 

None presently

Job Adverts

None presently


ESPON 2020 Managing Authority and ESPON EGTC Joint Event

Brussels, 14 November 2017 The ESPON 2020 Managing Authority will organize an information and communication event back to back with an EGTC outreach and action addressing stakeholders for target analyses. The event will take place at Committee of the Regions.

Further information at the ESPON Website.

ESPON Seminar on digitalisation of public services

Tallinn, 6-7 December 2017 This ESPON seminar seeks to examine territorial developments in the context of digital transition and is organised in cooperation with the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. We invite you to discover the ways how local communities capitalize on the digital age through ICT-based governance. The seminar will, furthermore, outline the pathway towards the post-2020 Territorial Agenda and share the themes of the Bulgarian and Austrian Presidency of the Council of the EU. Registration is open until ​22 November 2017.

Further information at the ESPON Website.​


Applied Research Activities


Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in European Regions and Cities, Inception and Interim Reports at the ESPON Website

ESPON Locate - Territories and low-carbon economy, Draft Final Report at the ESPON Website

ESPON Seminar “Revealing territorial potentials and shaping new policies”, report at the ESPON Website

Transnational Outreach Support 2016-2019, Strategy, Needs Analysis and Annual Work Plan 2017 at the ESPON Website

COMPASS: Inception Report is available at the ESPON Website

ESPON Possible European Territorial Futures: Draft Final Report at the ESPON Website.

ESPON Policy Brief “Shaping new policies in specific types of territories in Europe: islands, mountains, sparsely populated and coastal regions”: The Brief and the background Working Paper, including maps, are available at the ESPON Website.

“Inner Peripheries: national territories facing challenges of access to basic services of general interest”. Draft final report at the ESPON Website.



Targeted Analyses

Ongoing Targeted Analyses

Migration flows”: Further information at the ESPON Website

BT2050 – Territorial Scenarios for the Baltic Sea Region”: Further information at the ESPON Website​

SPIMA – Spatial dynamics and strategic planning in metropolitan areas”, Inception and Interim Reports at the ESPON Website

“LinkPas – Linking networks of protected areas to territorial development”. Inception report at the ESPON Website.

ReSSI – Regional strategies for sustainable and inclusive territorial development – Regional interplay and EU dialogue”Draft Final Report, including four Case Studies (Coventry, Region of Southern Denmark, Piedmont Region, Oeiras), in now online at the ESPON Website.​

Pre-announcement of calls

The ESPON EGTC will tender service contracts for Targeted Analyses as follows:

“ESPON GRETA – Green infrastructure: Enhancing biodiversity and ecosystem services for territorial development”. The objective of the research is to provide evidence on the current territorial pattern of green infrastructure and ecosystem services in different parts of Europe and in different types of European regions and cities. Further reading at the ESPON Website.

“YUTRENDS – Youth unemployment: territorial trends and regional resilience”. The main objective of the research is to provide territorial evidence on youth unemployment trend and to propose recommendations for how territorial cohesion policy can contribute to strengthening the resilience in European regions against youth unemployment and enhancing the implementation of the Youth Guarantee, Youth Employment and the EURES Initiatives. Further reading at the ESPON Website.

Monitoring and Tools – ESPON TIA Tool Upgrade

ESPON TIA Tool Upgrade – The TIA Tool has been developed in the previous programming period in order to support policy makers and practitioners with identifying, ex-ante, potential territorial impacts of new EU Legislations, Policies and Directives (LPDs). The project ESPON TIA Tool Upgrade will further develop a user-friendly ESPON TIA web application by providing in addition the possibility to carry out Urban Impact Assessment, Cross-border TIA and TIA focused on other specific types of regions. In addition, new and innovative functionalities will be integrated and existing datasets, typologies will be updated and new indicators will be added.

Further information on TIA Tool Upgrade is now available at the ESPON Website.


Further information on the ESPON Programme can be obtained by clicking here.