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EMFF Links and Downloads

EMFF Database
Link to EMFF Database webpage:   
  All Users
     How to create a screenshot  (ver 1)
     How to search for an invoice  (ver 1)
  Beneficiary Level
     How to create a contract (ver 1)
  Managing Authority Level
EMFF Supporting Documentation
      EMFF Ma​nual of Procedures​​​ (Version 3 February 2018)
      EMFF Nationa​l Eligibility Rules​ (Version February 2018)
1st EMFF Monitoring Committee Meeting – 29th May 2015
2nd EMFF Monitoring Committee Meeting – 11th November 2016
     EMFF OP Proposed Amendments
4th  EMFF Monitoring Committee Meeting – 4th May 2018
     Update on Implementation 2014-2020 Programming Period
     Annual Implementation Report (Presentation)
     MA Circular 01/2018 - Addendum to Grant Agreement
      MA Circular 02/2018 - De-commitment of Funds following 31 Dec 2018 & Performance Framework Milestones 2018 for the EMFF (2014-2020)
Information and Publicity

Miscellaneous Documents

Per Diem Rates