PDP 2 – Opportunity Knocks
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PDP 2 – Opportunity Knocks

Project Promoter: Appoġġ Agency within the Foundation for Social Welfare Services (FSWS)
Donor Project Partner: Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs, Norway
Other project partner: Osanna Pia Home
Programme outcome to project contributes to: Improved wellbeing of vulnerable children and youths                                                                         
Total maximum eligible project cost: €941,176
Project Grant rate: 100%
Maximum project grant amount: €941,176 (EEA Grant €800,000)
The project will provide vulnerable young people at a high risk of social exclusion a new integrated social model programme consisting of a mix of education, physical activity and a family environment in a residential setting.
Project activities shall include:
Campaign focused on rights and duties of young people towards leading an independent healthy life;
Multi-disciplinary team of professionals providing professional services to the participating cohort of young people;
‘safe house’ setting supporting highly vulnerable and young individuals coming from dysfunctional families/ background needing a sheltered environment
‘start-up and employment opportunities for individuals entering into duty-oriented agreements

Recruitment of professionals and other personnel is ongoing. At present seven professionals are working on the project.

The PP is working on a prevention campaign as part of their publicity.

Training of Professionals shall be focused on severe mental behaviour. PP is awaiting feedback from the Donors and FMO in order to see whether the Norwegian Donor Project Partner can provide this training should they still be interesting in pursuing their tasks within the project.

The PP is constantly contacting the Norwegian Donor Project Partners in order to perform the bilateral visit initially planned for February. Unfortunately, to date, the Norwegian Project Partners have not come up with a plan on the visit.

1. Integrated Services & Project Management - Recruitment of professionals and other personnel is ongoing. One Part-Time Executive and one coordinator were engaged on 28/10/2019. An interview was carried out to engage the senior administrator; Employment call was re-issued to engage one coordinator and an interview was scheduled for 14/11/2019. A senior administrator was engaged on the 9/12/2019. Employment calls for a full-time coordinator and for part-time executives has been reissued and are currently open. In the meantime, two part-time professionals and one exec III resigned from the project and employment calls thereof re-issued to re-engage.

Publicity and Dissemination - Meetings are currently being held amongst all professionals and designer about the content of the OK packs. Discussions held with the service provider to print the OK packs. A project website is being drafted. A 30 seconder and 3-minute video in Maltese were prepared to be shown on Facebook and during publicity spots on national TV. A cube net was also prepared as part of the OK pack. This cube net shall be disseminated to interested youths with the aim of providing information on the services offered by the project promoter in relation to the project.

3. Residential Safe House – In relation to the training of professionals, communication with the donor partners has been restored and a bilateral exchange between Norwegian and Maltese professionals is planned. Envisaged dates for travel of 3 Maltese officials to Norway were initially 15-18 March 2020 but have been postponed due to COVID-19. The dates for Norwegian professionals to Malta were planned between 9 – 13 May 2020 but shall also be postponed. As for the purchase of safety equipment, a Request for quotations is currently being prepared.

4. Integrated services - contracts with make-up, Nail tech, Hairdressing class, private guard security service providers were signed, and PP is currently working on engaging interested youths. An RFQ for barbering has been issued with closing date Friday 28th February 2020. MOU with MCAST is being signed for PT courses.  12 youths are interested in joining. There might be delays since due to COVID-19 no care plans are being prepared.