The ESPON Programme 2004-2006
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The ESPON Programme 2004-2006

ESPON is an Interreg Community Initiative in which Malta has been participating since it joined the EU in 2004. ESPON is funded by the European Regional Development Fund 2004-2006 to support policy development and to build a European scientific community in the field of territorial development. The main aim is to increase the general body of knowledge about territorial structures, trends and policy impacts across the EU. 


The Planning and Priorities Coordination Division, within the Office of the Prime Minister, represents Malta at the Monitoring Committee for the ESPON Programme. Click on the following link to contact the Email Helpdesk.
The Malta Environment and Planning Authority is the National Contact Point for the ESPON Programme in Malta.
Click here to contact the ESPON Coordination Unit, which is based in Luxembourg.


Further Information, key documents and news

Click here to access the official website of the ESPON Programme.
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ESPON 2013

Click here for information on the ESPON 2013 Programme, which replaces ESPON 2004-2006.