Role of a LEADER
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Role of a LEADER

The LEADER approach will play three main roles. These are:

Leader as a Tool for Endogenous Local Development – through the bottom-up approach, LAGs can mobilise local resources for the development process. This is possible because local actors have a better knowledge of the resources opportunities available in their territory and because they have a greater sense of ownership and commitment to the projects.

The Leader axis as a governance tool for building the organisational capacity of rural community – LAGS will play an important role in bringing together all the public, private and civil organisations operating in their territory and progressively creating means of working together for common goals and objectives. This will help in creating a better sense of local identity.

The LEADER axis as a tool for stimulating innovation
- LEADER will play a valuable role in stimulating new and innovative approaches to the development of rural areas. Such innovation is encouraged by providing LAGs more flexibility in decision making with regards to the actions that they want to support in their territory.

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