Monitoring and Evaluation
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Monitoring and Evaluation

In order to ensure effective implementation and smooth running of the Rural Development Programme, the Managing Authority carries out continuous monitoring and evaluation. A Monitoring Committee has been set up to assist the Managing Authority in monitoring and evaluation activities. This Committee is made up of representatives from various sectors including the public sector, authorities, non-governmental organisations and representatives from farmers' organisations. Monitoring Committee meetings discuss several issues including selection criteria for Measures, state of play of Measure implementation, and Programme modifications. 

The Managing Authority, in collaboration with KPMG Hungary is currently undergoing an ongoing evaluation process in order to reflect on the performance of the RDP and receive independent feedback on its effectiveness and outcomes. Results from the evaluation process enable the MA to achieve the best outcomes for the agricultural and rural development sectors through the implementation of the Rural Development Programme 2007 - 2013. Ongoing evaluation examines the progress of the RDP in relation to its goals by means of result and impact indicators. 

Following the end of the 2007 - 2013 programming period, evaluators will undertake a comprehensive evaluation of the results achieved through the RDP 2007-2013 in comparison with the goals and objectives set out at the onset of this programming period through an Ex-Post evaluation as per Article 86(5) of Council Regulation 1698/2005. Evaluation will also analyse the way in which the recommendations put forward throughout the on-going evaluation activities have been taken on board and the impact that such recommendations have had in improving the implementation of the RDP.

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