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Sotto Miżura 6.4 - Appoġġ għal investiment għall-ħolqien u żvilupp ta' attivitajiet mhux agrikoli (Sub-Measure 6.4 - Support for investments in creation and development of non-agricultural activities)



     FAQ's​ (last updated on 26th November 2019)


Project Closure: MA reminder to RDP beneficiaries and prospective applicants

The Managing Authority would like to remind private beneficiaries that are currently implementing a project funded through the European Agricultural Fund Rural Development (RDP), that as previously stated, other application(s) under the same sub-measure can only be submitted once the first project has been ‘closed’. Project closure takes place when the Agriculture and Rural Payments Agency has carried out its final controls and has issued the final payment to the beneficiary. Where requested by the MA, the Final Project Report would have to be submitted prior to the submission of a fresh application.

In view of the foregoing, new applications requesting funding through measures from which the applicant is currently benefitting will not be assessed by the Project Selection Committee.  Similarly, applicants whose project application is still under appeal can only re-submit an application through the same sub-measure once the decision of the Project Selection Appeals Board has been issued. At which stage, by submitting a fresh application under the same measure, the process for the previous application would be drawn to a close.

Notwithstanding the above, applicants can concurrently submit multiple applications under multiple RDP sub-measures.​