Informal Meeting of the Directors for Rural Development, 22nd – 24th March, 2017
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Informal Meeting of the Directors for Rural Development, 22nd – 24th March, 2017

The Informal Meeting of the Directors for Rural Development was held in Malta between the 22nd and the 24th of March 2017. Representatives from Member States, the European Commission, ECORYS, CEJA as well as other local key actors from Malta participated in the meeting, giving both an EU- and country-specific perspective throughout the meeting.
The theme for this Informal Meeting was “The Role of Pillar II in Supporting the Future of Young Farmers”. The future of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) hinges on young farmers, and despite the various challenges faced by young farmers in different Member States, Pillar II of the CAP has been increasingly at the forefront to assist young farmers. The purpose of this Informal Meeting served as a platform to discuss how Pillar II has assisted young farmers in recent years and how Pillar II can better address the needs of young farmers in the future.
     Presentation 1 – Department of Agriculture – “An Overview of Agriculture in Malta”, delivered by Mr Frankie Caruana
     Presentation 2 – European Commission – “Supporting Young Farmers through the CAP”, delivered by Mr Mihail Dumitru
     Presentation 3 – ECORYS – “Knowledge Needs of Young Farmers in Europe”, delivered by Ms Marie-Jose Zondag
     Presentation 4 – CEJA – “How can the RDP support Generational Renewal”, delivered by Mr Alan Jagoe
     Infographics – CEJA
     Presentation 5 – Estonia – “Save the Date”, delivered by Ms Merle Saaliste
     Workshop 1 – “The importance of education and knowledge transfer for a more skilled generation of young farmers”, facilitated by MCAST
     Workshop 2 – “Exchange Schemes for Young Farmers through EAFRD”, facilitated by ECORYS
     Workshop 4​ – “Young Farmers and Innovation”, facilitated by MaYA
     Presentation – “Workshop Outcomes”, presentation delivered by Ms Marilyn Tanti
 Highlights of the Informal Meeting
Group Photo