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     Circular 03/2018: EEA and Norway Financial Mechanisms 2014 – 2021: Definition of Sampling Methodology to be conducted by the Financial Control Unit
     Circular 02/2018: Addressing Fraud and Corruption in Public Procurement

     Circular 01/2018​: Sampling methodology adapted by the Financial Control Unit (FCU) for Territorial Cooperation projects

     Circular 12/2016: Principles, criteria and indicative scales to be applied when determining financial corrections made by the Commission
     Circular 11/2016: Due Diligence Checks
     Circular 10/2016: Operations generating net revenue
     Circular 09/2016: Guidance for Member States on amounts withdrawn, amounts recovered, amounts to be recovered and irrecoverable amounts
     Circular 08/2016: Guidance for Member States on Preparation, Examination and Acceptance of Accounts                
     Circular 07/2016: Guidance for Member States on Audit of Accounts
     Circular 06/2016: Guidance for Member States on Management Verifications
     Circular 05/2016: Management Declaration Process - EMFF
     Circular 04/2016: Management Declaration Process – AMIF/ISF
     Circular 03/2016: Guidance on the New Public Procurement Reform
     Circular 02/2016: Detection of Forged Documents in the field of Structural Actions
     Circular 01/2016Public Procurement Guidance for Practitioners on the avoidance of the most common                                          errors