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FPD 02/2021 - Checks to be carried out to determine any relationship (or otherwise) between companies submitting quotations to beneficiaries

FPD Circular 01/2020​ – Transmission of documents and data through the electronic data  exchange system due to COVID 19

FCU Circular 02/2019 – recording of working hours (updated) 
Annex 1 – Timesheet template

​​FCU Circular 01/2019 - Procurement  of Works, Services and Supplies by Voluntary Organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations, International Organisations (including Church institutions and Social Partners) and Private Bodies in the ambit of EU Funds under the Programming Period 2014-2020
         Annex 1a - Commission Decision of 14.5.19 re financial corrections (Public Procurement)
         Annex 1b - Annex to the Commission Decision of 14.5.19 for determining financial corrections (Public Procurement)
         Annex 2 - Contracts Circular no. 19 of 2013- 'Experience as selection criteria'
         Annex 3 - Department of Contracts - Procurement Policy Note #34
         Annex 4 - Standard Operating Procedures for Evaluation Committees V1.1 April 2019
         Annex 5 - Evaluation Report
         Annex 6 - General Rules Governing Tenders for NGOs Version 1.1 (June 2018)
Circular 05/2018 – Recording of working hours
             Annex 1 – Timesheet template
Circular 04/2018: Procurement of travel tickets

Circular 01/2016Public Procurement Guidance for Practitioners on the avoidance of the most common                 errors