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Funds and Programmes Division

     FPD Anti-Fraud Policy
     FPD Anti-Fraud Strategy


Responsible Authority Anti-Fraud Policy and Anti-Fraud Strategy

     Anti-Fraud Policy
     Anti-Fraud Strategy



AMIF and ISF 2014-2020

     Sampling Methodology by the Financial Control Unit​ 


Territorial Cooperation Programmes 

     Approbation Process in connection with Territorial Cooperation Programmes and the ENI CBC Med Programme


Training for beneficiaries and First Level Control in Territorial Cooperation Programmes on 19th September, 2018




     The Italia-Malta Interreg V-A 2014-2020 Programme


     Interreg MED Programme 2014-2020- An Overview


     Interreg Europe Programme 2014-2020


     Malta’s participation in the ENI CBC Med Programme 2014-2020


     National Eligibility Guidelines


     Financial Management: Eligibility of Expenditures for Interreg Europe, MED and Italia-Malta, including practical case studies


     Project Management Case Study together with timesheets & Timesheets for Case Studies​





First Level Control Training 28th June, 2017
First Level Control Training 14th November 2016


Interreg Europe
Interreg MED



Public Procurement Fact Sheets: 


     Fact Sheet 1 – General Overview


     Fact Sheet 2 – Simplifying the Rules for Bidders


     Fact Sheet 3 – Simplifying the Rules for Contracting Authorities


     Fact Sheet 4 – E-Procurement


     Fact Sheet 5 – Public – Public Cooperation


     Fact Sheet 6 – A New Simplified Regime for Service Contracts


     Fact Sheet 7 – Green Public Procurement


     Fact Sheet 8 – Social Aspects of the New Rules


     Fact Sheet 9 – Innovation


     Fact Sheet 10 – Transparency and Anti-Corruption


     Fact Sheet 11 – New Rules for the Utilities Sectors


     Fact Sheet 12 – Concessions


     Fact Sheet 13 – Concessions Award Criteria


     Fact Sheet 14 – Concession Duration


     Fact Sheet 15 – Excluded Concessions


     Fact Sheet 16 – Procedural Guarantees


     Fact Sheet 17​ – Calculating the Concession’s Value



Guidance on European Structural and Investment Funds 2014-2020 – Management and Control

 Per Diem Rates


Circulars for MA's/RA's
    Circular 06/2018: Approval by State aid monitoring board (SAMB) when changes in projects arise
    Circular 03/2018: EEA and Norway Financial Mechanisms 2014 – 2021: Definition of Sampling Methodology to be conducted by the Financial Control Unit
    Circular 02/2018: Addressing Fraud and Corruption in Public Procurement
     Circular 01/2018​: Sampling methodology adapted by the Financial Control Unit (FCU) for Territorial Cooperation projects
     Circular 12/2016: Principles, criteria and indicative scales to be applied when determining financial corrections made by the Commission
     Circular 11/2016: Due Diligence Checks
     Circular 10/2016: Operations generating net revenue
     Circular 09/2016: Guidance for Member States on amounts withdrawn, amounts recovered, amounts to be recovered and irrecoverable amounts
     Circular 08/2016: Guidance for Member States on Preparation, Examination and Acceptance of Accounts                
     Circular 07/2016: Guidance for Member States on Audit of Accounts
     Circular 06/2016: Guidance for Member States on Management Verifications
     Circular 05/2016: Management Declaration Process - EMFF
     Circular 04/2016: Management Declaration Process – AMIF/ISF
     Circular 03/2016: Guidance on the New Public Procurement Reform
     Circular 02/2016: Detection of Forged Documents in the field of Structural Actions

Retention of Documents

     Documents to be ret​ained and uploaded on computer system​

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