European Globalisation Adjustment Fund
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European Globalisation Adjustment Fund


The European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF) aims to support up to 60% of the cost of projects aimed to help workers made redundant find another job or set up their own business as quickly as possible. This is as a result of changing global trade patterns such as economic and financial crisis as well as when a large company moves its production outside the EU or shuts down completely. 

The fund was launched by the European Union in 2007 and aims to provide up to of EUR 150 million a year for the period 2014-2020 in support to eligible areas across the EU.

It is intended to complement the support already provided by employers and national authorities in terms of active employment measures.  It is not intended to fund passive social protection measures such as retirement pensions or unemployment benefits, which are the competence of the Member States. 

A financial contribution from the EGF may be made for active labour market measures that form part of a coordinated package of personalised services, designed to facilitate the re- integration of the targeted beneficiaries and, in particular, disadvantaged, older and young unemployed persons, into employment or self-employment. The coordinated package of personalised services may include in particular:

(a) tailor-made training and retraining, including information and communication technology skills and certification of acquired experience, job-search assistance, occupational guidance, advisory services, mentoring, outplacement assistance, entrepreneurship promotion, aid for self- employment, business start-ups and employee take-overs, and co-operation activities;

(b) special time-limited measures, such as job-search allowances, employers' recruitment incentives, mobility allowances, subsistence or training allowances (including allowances for carers);

(c) measures to stimulate in particular disadvantaged, older and young unemployed persons to remain in or return to the labour market.



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