List of Testimonials
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List of Testimonials

Dr. Christopher Ciantar, Permanent Secretary MRRA
TAIEX activity IND/EXP 23186 on Waste Management Plans

“During my term as Director (Environment Policy and Initiatives) we had a number of TAIEX missions where the expert provided very useful assistance in the compilation of the update of the Waste Management Plans.  Overall, the TAIEX  experience proved to be very positive and the staff in charge of TAIEX, both in Malta and in Brussels were very helpful and accommodating.”

Ms.Nadine Axisa, Environment Protection Officer MEPA
TAIEX activity IND/EXP 20470 on national Emission Ceilings for certain
atmospheric pollutants in Malta
“The objective of the mission was to acquire assistance in compiling emission inventories according to the EMEP/CORINAIR Guidelines as required by Directive 2001/81/EC. The outcome of this mission was a very positive one. The staff at MEPA had little experience in compiling such an inventory, and this mission resulted in hands on experience of such calculations. Both experts were very helpful and knowledgeable in their respective areas. The largest benefit of this mission was that staff at MEPA have better knowledge of emission inventories, and can further improve the national inventories with more accurate calculations and country specific data.”

Mr. Franck Lauwers, Senior Environment Protection Officer
TAIEX activity IND/EXP12060 on Hazardous Waste Inventorisation in Malta

“This TAIEX mission paved the way for the Twinning Light Project MT04/IB/EN/08/TL entitled “Hazardous waste inventory and technical assistance in regulatory aspects of hazardous waste management”.  Indeed, it enabled Malta to gain substantial information on how to enhance Malta’s ability to manage hazardous wastes and how to provide Malta with the necessary capacity to comply with monitoring and inventorisation obligations pursuant to the relevant EU legislation.  The mission also resulted in an enhanced inter-agency cooperation, especially between the Malta Environment and Planning Authority, the National Statistics Office and WasteServ Malta Limited in respect to hazardous waste management.”
Mr. Charles Buttigieg, Energy Analyst
TAIEX activity 24467 Expert mission on the Cogeneration Directive
In the UK the Department of Environment, Forestry and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) is the body which regulates co-generation.  The Experts from DEFRA aided officers of the MRA in understanding the co-generation directive and also served as a first step for officers of the MRA to contact the Production and Leisure Industry on co-generation.
Mr. Alexander Borg, Senior Agricultural Officer MRRA
TAIEX activity IND/STUD 23198 in Ireland on European Agricultural Guidance
and Guarantee Fund
This study visit which took place in Ireland was a very fruitful experience where we learnt about the various processes, systems and delegated bodies involved in implementing the European Agriculture Guidance and Guarantee Fund.  The visit included also visits to various entities which at that time were enrolled in one of the schemes under process of other funds which were applied in Malta in 2007.  TAIEX made all the booking and logistical arrangements for this visit and I can say that this experience helped me in further developing my knowledge on the subject and apply it to the this fund so as to see the on-site results.   Apart from this, the officials from Ireland Department of Agriculture and Food, which proved to be very helpful, explained to us the implementation matters and scenario. 

Insp. George Cremona, Inspector Head of S.I.Re.N.E
TAIEX activity JHA25015 on Schengen, SIS and S.I.Re.N.E

During the past months, officers from the Malta Police Force have benefited from funds made available thru' TAIEX programme, when a number of them participated in study visits in various Schengen Member States and an officer participated as an Expert in Turkey. With the help of the Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs and the PPCD, sixteen officers from the S.I.Re.N.E bureau participated in study visits in Italy, Austria, Sweden, Luxembourg, and Portugal. The aim of these visits was to broaden their knowledge about the Schengen Information System and to compare different workflows adopted by the hosting country in order for local police officersto become more professional in their duties. In November 2007 I participated as an expert in a workshop dealing with Schengen Information System and the setup of the S.I.Re.N.E bureau.