Open invitation to submit proposals for Targeted Analyses
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Open invitation to submit proposals for Targeted Analyses

Since 2007, ESPON targeted analyses has been supporting territorial development processes at local, regional and national levels in Europe by bringing together policy makers who share the same kinds of challenges and who are looking for new territorial evidence and a European perspective. ESPON targeted analyses deliver demand-driven and tailor-made analytical studies in support of territorial decision-making. In the framework of the ESPON 2030 Programme, stakeholder proposals should be related to one of the programme’s Thematic Action Plans (TAP’s), whose descriptions are available below and include:

·         Climate Neutral territories

·         Governance of new geographies

·         Territories resilient to crises

·         Perspectives for all people and places​

The ESPON targeted analyses will offer administrative and technical support to design Terms of Reference in accordance with the ESPON Cooperation Programme, and permanent technical support from ESPON’s expert team to ensure the progress of the activity and the quality of the deliverables. Other assistance may include a dedicated budget, of about EUR 250,000, to finance a high-level study led by carefully selected experts from all over Europe through public procurement procedures. Other support will include opportunities to share evidence and experiences with other stakeholders, and participate at ESPON events typically organised in cooperation with EU Presidencies, to network with an international community of policy makers and experts. The application process requires that stakeholders develop their project proposal and submit it to the ESPON EGTC by filling in a digital application form which is attached below. In their proposal, stakeholders outline the policy issues that they would like to have addressed by an ESPON Targeted Analysis, whilst ensuring that the proposal takes into account their specific territorial context, and that the policy needs relates to one of the Thematic Action Plans (TAPs) of the ESPON Programme.

Proposals must be submitted electronically with a digital application form. The application form includes information on how and to whom the stakeholder proposal needs to be sent and which documents need to be enclosed. A guidance document is also available below for support stakeholders in preparing their proposals. Stakeholder proposals for ESPON Targeted Analyses can be submitted at any time. The ESPON EGTC evaluates twice per year all stakeholder proposals received by certain cut-off dates. The next cut-off date for the submission of stakeholder proposals is on 24 February 2023. Any questions in the process of developing stakeholder proposals may be addressed via email through

Further information can be found here Open invitation to submit proposals for Targeted Analyses | ESPON


·         Stakeholder Cooperation Agreement ESPON 2030​
·         Letter commitment ESPON 2030
·         TA SH Guidance 11-11-22
·         TA FAQs 11-11-22
·         TAP Climate Neutral Territories
·         TAP Governance of new geographies
·         TAP Perspective for all people and places
·         TAP Places Resilient to Crises​