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Structural Funds Database

Structural Funds Database 2007-2013

The Structural Funds Database 2007-2013 (known in short as SFD 07-13) is a web enabled system developed for the Government of Malta for the management of structural funds during the period 2007-2013. The SFD 07-13 forms part of the government’s project management database system. The SFD 07-13 is designed to manage National Strategic Framework and relative programmes. The backbone of the SFD07-13 is the financial mechanism for the management of funds from programme to invoice level.

The database is a centralised system linked to the structural funds’ stakeholders, which include the Managing Authority, Treasury, Certifying Authority, Audit Authority, Line Ministries, Intermediate Bodies and the Beneficiaries.

In line with Council Regulation (EC) No. 1083/2006, the SFD 07-13 is used to collect the data on implementation necessary for financial management, monitoring, verifications, audits and evaluations. The database maintains accounting records in computerised form of expenditure declared to the Commission and keeps an account of amounts recoverable and of amounts withdrawn following cancellation of all or part of the contribution for an operation.

The database is normally accessed through the  SFD07-13 application, whilst new modules are being developed which may be accessed through the browser based version. A separate application for the Treasury Department is also being developed.

SFD Welcome Screen
 The SFD 07-13 Application Version
SFD Welcome Screen
The SFD 07-13 Browser-Based Version

A description of the Structural Funds Database 2004-2006 may be viewed from here.