Enhancing Knowledge and Innovation
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Enhancing Knowledge and Innovation

Operational Programme I​ - Priority Axis 1 aims to support Malta’s efforts in becoming a knowledge-based, competitive economy.
The financial allocation for this Priority Axis amounts to €120,000,000 of which €102,000,000 are Community Funding (European Regional Development Fund).

Operational Objectives

This Priority Axis also aims to reach a number of operational objectives:
    To promote and strengthen high value-added economic activity, including attraction of Foreign Direct Investment through investments in enterprise support infrastructure, including industrial facilities;
    To support the re-structuring process of local industry (including crafts) and its move towards a competitive knowledge economy and promote entrepreneurship;
    To undertake a number of smart investments in the knowledge infrastructure and research capacity in higher education;
    To explore the potential for RES and promote electricity produced from RES.

Focus Areas of Intervention

The focus areas of intervention identified by this Priority Axis are:
    Enterprise Infrastructure
    Aid Schemes to the Manufacturing and Service Industries
    Financial Engineering
    Investment in RTDI and RTDi-related Infrastructure and ICT   

Further Information


    Main pag​e on Operational Programme I.
    Download​ Operational Programme I for further detail. Information on the Priority Axes can be found in Chapter IV of OPI.