Safeguarding the Enviroment
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Safeguarding the Enviroment

Operational Programme I - Priority Axis 5 aims to continue with the upgrading process of the country’s environment infrastructure, particularly in the areas of solid waste management and risk prevention.
The financial allocation for this Priority Axis amounts to €189,288,259 of which €160,895,020 are Community Funding (Cohesion Fund).

Operational Objectives

This Priority Axis aims to reach a number of operational objectives:
    To minimise landfilling of waste and to rehabilitate disused landfills, as well as, increase the capacity for waste treatment, energy recovery and recycling purposes;
    To undertake investments in water networks;
    To increase sewage treatment capacity in the South of Malta;
    To develop infrastructure to minimise the effects of storm water and reduce the incidence of flash flooding.

Focus Areas of Intervention

The focus areas of intervention identified by this Priority Axis are:
    Solid Waste
    Water and Waste Water
    Flood Relief 

Major Projects

    Mechanical Biological Treatment Plant.
    Rehabilitation and Restoration of Existing and Former Waste Dump Sites.
    South Sewage Treatment Infrastructure. 
    National Flood Relief Project

Further Information:

    Main page on Operational Programme I
    Download Operational Programme I for further detail. Information on the Priority Axes can be found in Chapter IV of OPI.