Technical Assistance
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Technical Assistance

Operational Programme I - Priority Axis 7 aims to facilitate the overall implementation of OPI and to reinforce the administrative capacity of the public administrations concerned.
The financial allocation for this Priority Axis amounts to €12,327,095.29 of which €10,478,031 are Community Funding (European Regional Development Fund).

Operational Objectives

This Priority Axis aims to reach a number of operational objectives:
    To ensure the efficient administration and implementation of the OP through an effective application of the regulations and procedures;
    To optimise the Programme’s quality and the efficiency of the interventions through capacity-building measures;
    To support the implementation of the OP’s communication plan, evaluation plan and the multi-annual training strategy;
    To provide support for the development of an efficient and effective Public Sector;
    To contribute towards the development of effective partnerships.

Focus Areas of Intervention

The focus areas of intervention identified by this Priority Axis are:
    Implementation of the Programme
    Common activities relating to OPI and OPII

Further Information

    Main page on Operational Programme I
    Download Operational Programme I for further detail. Information on the Priority Axes can be found in Chapter IV of OPI.