Urban Regeneration and Improving the Quality of Life
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Urban Regeneration and Improving the Quality of Life

Operational Programme I - Priority Axis 6 aims to safeguard and value the country’s urban heritage and promote an overall improvement in quality of life through better accessibility, enhanced education, social and health systems and increased environmental monitoring capacity.
The financial allocation for this Priority Axis amounts to €149,000,000 of which €126,650,000 are Community Funding (European Regional Development Fund).

Operational Objectives

This Priority Axis aims to reach a number of operational objectives:
    To upgrade the physical environment and visual appeal of urban cores through urban regeneration and integrated local development;
    To improve internal mobility;
    To promote further the use of information society and increase e-services;
    To continue investments in the health, social and education sectors;
    To enhance environmental monitoring capability and awareness of environmental issues.

Focus Areas of Intervention

The focus areas of intervention identified by this Priority Axis are:
    Urban Regeneration
    Internal Mobility
    Education, Social and Health-related Infrastructure
    Environmental Monitoring

Further Information:

    Main page on Operational Programme I.
    Download Operational Programme I for further detail. Information on the Priority Axes can be found in Chapter IV of OPI.