Investing in the Employability and Adaptability of the Workface
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Investing in the Employability and Adaptability of the Workface

Operational Programme II - Priority Axis 2 specifically aims to invest in human capital to ensure that the working age population and enterprises become flexible enough to respond to the needs of the economy, whilst reducing unemployment levels.
The financial allocation for this Priority Axis amounts to €30,995,000, of which €26,345,750 are Community Funding (European Social Fund).

Operational Objectives

This Priority Axis also aims to reach a number of operational objectives:
    To increase the participation rate in lifelong learning.
    To support the adaptability of undertakings [entities involved in economic activity, irrespective of legal form] through skills improvements and upgrading of workers.

Broad Target Groups

The broad target groups of this axis, per operational objective, are:
    The actively employed, including older workers; unemployed; inactive people.
    Undertakings [see definition above].

Focus Areas of Intervention

The focus areas of intervention identified by this Priority Axis are:
    Continuous training and education
    Supporting the private sector
    Innovative activities

Further Information:

    Main page on Operational Programme II.
    Download Operational Programme II for further detail. Information on the Priority Axes can be found in Chapter IV of OPII.